Simplify your online advertising with AI

A simple do-it-yourself advertising tool to launch ad campaigns in 4 easy steps across FB, Instagram, and Google 


Get more bookings for your business

Launch your campaign in 4 simple steps, sit back, relax and let it work for you!

  • Run single images, videos, or carousel ads. Pick the option that best works for you.

  • Reach the right audience with location-based, hyper-targeted campaigns.

  • Enjoy launching Ads with no prior marketing experience.

Say hello to high-performing ads

Our technology reshuffles your budget daily to the best-performing platforms.

  • Optimize your budget by reshuffling it to the top performers

  • Run campaigns with the best keywords, bids, and interests

  • Drive more clicks with AI-powered headline recommendations


Let your results speak for themselves​

All-in-one dashboard to help you quickly understand what ads are working

  • Track performance across all channels with an all-in-one dashboard

  • Find the best audience for your ad and increase clicks

  • Leverage top-performing keywords and improve CPC

Easy plan. Easier to use features. For Easiest growth.

Pricing Details

Free for service providers

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Unlimited campaigns

Support for

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AI Text recommendations

4000+ creatives

Automated Budget Optimization

Campaign Dashboard

Performance & Insights

Traffic / Conversion Campaigns

Lead Quality Chart



We have exclusive plans for 'Enterprise and Franchise led businesses'. Talk to our sales team to know more.

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