7 Advertising Strategies For Beauty and Wellness Businesses

You've got a top-notch team, beautiful location, and years of expertise, so why aren’t guests crowding round the block to visit your salon or spa?

Ask yourself...how much time have you invested into raising brand awareness?

If your appointment book is looking a little empty, then the chances are the answer is not enough.

But don’t worry! We’re sharing seven advertising strategies that will help you propel your online presence, drive bookings and beat the competition.

1. Elevate Experience

People don’t only come to you to get a haircut or a facial. They visit for the experience! And with so many brands competing for their attention, you need to make their decision easy by clearly displaying why your salon or spa delivers the best experience in town.

Show them what to expect with photos and behind the scenes videos of life at your center. Let them see your decor, your amenities, and your staff so they feel like they’re a part of the experience before they ever walk through the door.

2. Use High Quality Images

You're in the business of making people look and feel great but you need to inspire them and help them envisage just how fabulous they will look after visiting you for a service or treatment.

Do this by displaying eye-catching photos of the incredible results you deliver each and every day.

And you don’t need high quality photo equipment or a professional photographer to do it because, in the era of “doing it for the Gram’, the chances are your guests will want to share an image of their much-loved results.

Capture this opportunity by setting up an “Instagrammable” area – a feature wall or large mirror with unique decor and good lighting. Encourage guests to take photos, then share that UGC (user generated content) on your social media platforms and website. Not only will you get authentic photos aligned with your brand, but you’ll also create a closer bond with your guests by sharing their photos (with permission, of course).

3. Showcase Your Products

Guests who visit a spa or salon expect to see professional products and receive recommendations from knowledge experts on the right solutions for them.

What products do you use? Do you offer special treatments or use specialized techniques they won’t find anywhere else? Call these out in your ads to show potential guests everything you offer and demonstrate that you’re the best choice, because you not only deliver amazing service but stock the best products in the business too!

4. Set Up Google My Business

Research shows that 70-80% of consumers research a company online before visiting or making a purchase. Would your salon or spa pop up in a quick Google search?

One of the main ways people find a business is by searching Google for the “best haircut near me” or “spas near me” etc. If you want to be number one in that search, it’s important to set up Google My Business and ensure your profile, including your address, is up-to-date.

5. Target The Right Audience

When creating a campaign to promote your business it’s key that you target the right audience and keep it local. Serving ads to people in NYC when your salon is in Utah isn’t going to get you as many new guests as targeting those within a 50 mile radius of your salon would. And nor will targeting men if you cater your salon services to women for example.

Before setting up your ad campaigns, take some time to build out your ideal audience personas, including keywords, interests, behaviors and values. This will ensure you maximize every ad dollar and increase campaign success.

6. Utilize Holidays and Promotions

In the beauty and wellness industry tapping into key calendar dates can be a great way to boost revenue. Think Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduations, the options are endless and the best part is they never get old because everyone still wants to show their appreciation to their loved ones!

Beyond holidays consider ads for one-off promos like new guest discounts, BOGO, product promos, and more. All of these may seem like an initial loss at first but they encourage new guests to visit your center, increasing your customer base and brand awareness!

7. Track Performance and Pivot

One of the best things about digital advertising is the wealth of data and insights available for you to review. Take advantage of this! Look at what’s performing well, what are people responding to and what are they ignoring.

Set a regular cadence for reviewing results (i.e. weekly) and pivot as needed by putting more dollars behind successful target audiences and platforms, and tweaking or removing ads from underperforming ones. This ensures your ads are continually improving and working hard to get you results.

Key Takeaway

With these seven strategies you’ll be well on your way to growing your beauty and wellness business. If it feels a little overwhelming, start with just one strategy and see what results you achieve before implementing the next.

You could also consider using an advertising tool such as ezAds to make campaign management easy.

Get started today!

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