Perfect your employee scheduling with AI

Automatically create a customized and balanced calendar and improve scheduling efficiency by ~15%  

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In the salon, spa, and medspa world it’s critical to have enough staff available to meet client needs, but it’s difficult to find the right balance without overstaffing.

SmartShifts takes the guesswork out of employee scheduling to realize new revenue and increase employee satisfaction.

Creating your perfect employee schedule has never been easier! Here’s how: 

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Step 1 - Subscribe

Start your free 45-day trial and enjoy simplified staff scheduling powered by AI  

Let us show you how easily you can reduce your workload and increase profitability with automated staff forecasts. With SmartShifts, employee scheduling is a breeze. 

Step 2 - Schedule

SmartShifts harnesses your data to suggest a customized schedule for you 

Schedule the right number of service providers at the right times, while accounting for unexpected events or restrictions. SmartShifts leverages your data, including bookings and appointment history to forecast customer volume and provide an optimal schedule. 

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Step 3 - Report

Compare your previous schedule against the new AI-generated one 

Easily identify areas of missed revenue opportunities and overstaffing, and how an AI-powered schedule can help you reduce these risks in the future.

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Optimize Schedules

Predict scheduling needs down to the hour, and further in advance. Anticipate customer traffic and adjust your schedule accordingly. 

Motivate Employees

Grow your business and maintain a stable schedule. With AI forecasts, employees enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Track Performance

Compare your optimized forecast against older schedules, review the performance of your previous forecasts, and learn how to adjust future schedules. 

Increase Profits

Increase appointment availability and cut your turn-away rate in half. Reduce the risk of overstaffing and ultimately increase your profits. 

Who's using Smartshifts?

These customers are saving time, reducing costs, and streamlining operations with scheduling forecasts. 

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