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Simplify your online advertising with AI

Get ready to win more customers this holiday season

Hands-on Workshop | Wednesday, September 22nd, 8:30-9:30 pm PDT
, September 23rd,  8:30-9:30 am PDT

Imagine the best, busy weeks for your salon or spa business with new customer bookings on your Zenoti appointment book.  

Make this a reality for your business with ezAds.  

Launch ad campaigns in 4 easy steps across FB, Instagram, and Google with ezAds.


Join this free workshop to learn:  

  • How ezAds works? 

  • Making decisions around campaigns budget  

  • Hands-on step by step process of setting up ads  

  • Understanding campaigns performance 



Optimize your ad spend to win more customers with a better ROI


Cross-channel advertising

Create a campaign with multiple ads and publish on multiple platforms easily. View campaign results in one dashboard.


Auto budget optimization

ezAds machine learning technology optimizes your budget daily spend across platforms towards performing key words


Traffic campaigns

We currently support traffic campaigns for Google, Facebook and Instagram. Also, we support carousel ads for Facebook


Keyword, bid, and interest optimization

Based on specific campaign data, our technology chooses best keywords, bids and interests to maximize results


Intelligent Ad placement

Have complete hold on where your Ads are to be shown. If you are not sure, let our technology choose for you.


AI-powered text suggestions

Our technology suggests Headlines and description for your campaigns based on your business information

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