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Bounce Back Stronger!

Supercharge your growth with better staff engagement, improved customer experience, and increased productivity​


Current Business Challenges

In the post-pandemic world, demand for beauty services has increased. Busy employee-based salons/spas desperately need to hire new service providers — but the number of potential service providers seeking employment is at an all-time low.


Optimizing staff schedule to manage capacity limitations effectively


Managing surge in demand for appointments with the current team's availability


Effectively engage with staff and keep them motivated


Hiring is hard and retention is harder


Handling high call volume and responding to customer queries in time

Negative Impact on Your Business


5 mins wait time could mean a 10x decrease in the opportunity to convert


Replacing an employee costs about 33% of a new hire's annual salary


Disengaged employees can cost you 37% in lost sales


Unhappy employees are 20% less productive

Think Beyond and Stay Ahead with Simplified Products

Improve front desk efficiency with ezConnect

Reduce cancellations by up to 70%

More guests than ever want salons and spas to communicate with them by text, especially when it comes to confirming, booking or rescheduling appointments.

ezConnect is a unified communications HUB to enable real-time conversions

Why integrated texting via ezConnect?

Engage guests on their preferred channels: With ezConnect, you can communicate with your guests via SMS or WhatsApp. Your staff can pick a guest’s conversation from any channel and respond instantly to every question and request

Offer Seamless experience with Zenoti Integration: ezConnect provides a single platform to view of all your guest details and conversations at every touchpoint. This includes their profile, past appointments, chat history and membership information.

Engage guests on their preferred channels: With ezConnect, you can communicate with your guests via SMS or WhatsApp. Your staff can pick a guest’s conversation from any channel and respond instantly to every question and request


Optimize your staff scheduling with SmartShifts

Managing staff scheduling is a complex process. Using spreadsheets and manually comparing historical numbers to estimate staffing needs is an outdated and inefficient process. It's not only time consuming, but it also results in the best guess.

Take the guesswork out of your staff scheduling with SmartShifts. It is an AI-powered scheduling software to optimize your staffing needs.

Here is how SmartShifts helps you optimize your scheduling:

Schedule based on data-driven recommendations: A visual schedule representation helps you quickly move around employee schedules to improve staff utilization across locations and job types.

Stay ahead of the competition with optimized employee schedules: A better visibility into employee schedules in advance gives you a competitive edge of planning better. Whether managing peak season demand or your staff’s time off, you are always prepared to offer the best customer experience.

Boost your staff motivation and retention: Empower your employees to stay in control of their time with better visibility into schedules. Busy days mean better cash flow predictability for your employees and your business. With an optimized schedule, your staff is better engaged at work. An engaged team is happier and sticks around more.


Set your team up for success with ezPulse

Performance and productivity increases 5x in a collaborative environment!

Your employees want to feel valued. Meaningful work delivers this by giving employees recognition for their contributions, big and small. If your team feel appreciated and supported, they will be happier and more motivated.

ezPulse app helps business owners and managers collaborate, coach, and recognize employees with the power of insights and in-app communication.

Here is how ezPulse helps you set up your team for success:

Uncover important insights and act on them: Track business and employee performance with real-time insights. With ezPulse, ensure you stay up to date on how each center is performing and quickly make necessary decisions based on accurate information. ​

 Collaborate and resolve issues on-the-go: Acknowledge top performers, encourage friendly competition, and coach employees with issue-specific solutions for better outcomes. ezPulse creates motivated and connected teams that drive strong business results.  ​

Set goals and motivate your teams: Setting goals and enabling your team to measure them can improve performance by 20-25%. With ezPulse, define goals for your location and teams, monitor the progress, and share real-time feedback.  ​


Free your desk from queries and bookings with SmartBot

Today's guests want to use self-serve online services to make product purchases, get answers to their questions, and book appointments. And if you're not providing that experience, they will find it with one of your competitors.

SmartBot is an AI-powered chatbot built specifically for the wellness industry. Unlike any other chatbot, SmartBot offers an integrated booking experience with Zenoti. It will answer guest questions and assist them with booking, cancelling, or rescheduling appointments.

Here is how SmartBot can simplify your salon or spa business operations:

Easy Online Booking : Your guests want to book their appointment when they want, as quickly as possible. SmartBot makes booking efficient and effective by connecting your guest with the right provider, at the right time, from the convenience of their mobile phone or computer.

Respond to all customer queries instantly: Even the most well laid out knowledge base or FAQ section has its flaws. Information about your location, memberships, and more can get lost on your site, making it hard for your customers to find the information they need. With SmartBot, guests can get their queries answered immediately

Promote new services, offers, and discounts: Tell your guests about promotions and offers on SmartBot. Sometimes we don’t know we need a keratin treatment until its 25% off with our next colour service.

Efficiently manage high call volume: If you have an IVR number, you can direct your calls to SmartBot, and the bot will send a text to the customer and book an appointment for them. SmartBot will automatically reach out to your customer via text message and help them with booking/rescheduling/cancelation requests in case of a missed call.

Improve customer experience: Free your front desk’s time from appointment and queries management so that they can focus on making your guests feel special.

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