Run your business from the palm of your hand

with the power of insights and collaboration

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Uncover important insights and act on them 

Track metrics that matter and make data-driven decisions to improve performance across your organization. 

  • See the “big picture” and make data-driven decisions  


  • Track KPIs by centers/employees 

  • Compare performance over a certain period 

 Collaborate and resolve issues on-the-go 

Acknowledge top performers, encourage friendly competition and coach employees for better outcomes. 

  • With in-app messaging, share a metric, and collaborate better 

  • Take timely actions on negative trends 

  • Coach your teams with issue-specific solutions 

Set goals and motivate your teams to achieve better results

Define goals for your location and teams, monitor the progress and share real-time feedback

  • Set goals for your center and providers  

  • Empower your teams to track progress against their goals  

  • Drive healthy competition with provider rankings 



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