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Collaborate, motivate and coach your team with  insights

Actionable Insights   |    Seamless Collaboration and Coaching    |    Quick Decision-Making

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Figure out what’s important, and act on it.

​Identify big issues, track metrics, and manage your teams anywhere, any time.

See the “big picture” of your business at a glance

Track KPIs by centers/employees

Track provider's rank against each other

Compare performance over a period of time

Easily communicate with employees.

Recognize good performance, encourage competition, and provide coaching.

Two-way messaging

Share a metric and give feedback

Recognize good performance 

Coach your teams with issue-specific solutions


Make smarter, faster decisions with good data.

Analyze trends, shift gears quickly, and meet changing business needs. 

Track key metrics daily/weekly/monthly

Monitor your team’s progress

Let managers make data-driven decisions 

Resolve issues before they spiral out of control

Beta Program

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