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Take the guesswork out of your staff scheduling

AI-powered scheduling software to optimize your staffing needs

SmartShifts takes the guesswork out of employee scheduling to realize new revenue and increase employee satisfaction.

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Schedule based on data-driven recommendations

A visual representation of your current employee scheduling and the recommend staff schedules based on predicted accurate demand.

  • Define employee schedules across all your locations

  • A single view access to current and recommended schedule

  • Anticipate the number of employees needed for a specific job

Stay ahead of competition with optimized employee schedules

Ditch complicated excels and plan your employee schedule with a simple drag and drop feature.

  • Visibility into 10 weeks schedule in advance

  • Manage your fluctuating seasonal demand better

  • Manage unexpected walk-ins efficiently

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Boost your staff motivation and retention

Empower your employees to stay in control of their time with better visibility into schedules

  • Better cash flow predictability for your employees and your business

  • Busy days = sustainable growth for your employees

  • Happy and engaged employees stick around more than unhappy ones

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Optimize Schedules

Predict scheduling needs down to the hour, and further in advance. Anticipate customer traffic and adjust your schedule accordingly. 

Motivate Employees

Grow your business and maintain a stable schedule. With AI forecasts, employees enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Track Performance

Compare your optimized forecast against older schedules, review the performance of your previous forecasts, and learn how to adjust future schedules. 

Increase Profits

Increase appointment availability and cut your turn-away rate in half. Reduce the risk of overstaffing and ultimately increase your profits. 

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