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Keep Your Staff Motivated and Engaged by Celebrating Small Wins

Are your employees satisfied or are they secretly looking for another job on their lunch break?

Before you answer that, consider this: a 2020 report showed that over 85% of employees are not satisfied with their job.

This begs the question - what’s the best way to engage employees and boost staff motivation?

According to Harvard Business Review, the answer is small steps forward every day.

Celebrating small wins positively impacts your bottom line by influencing employee satisfaction and your ability to retain top performers.

So, What Are Small Wins and Why Do They Matter?

People want to, in the words of Oprah, know that they are seen, heard, and matter.

Meaningful work delivers this by giving employees recognition for their contributions, big and small. If your team feel appreciated and supported, they will be happier and more motivated which in turn creates a strong community and sense of belonging.

This also contributes to business success through increased productivity and retention. And if you have the best, you’ll attract the best! Not only in terms of other providers wanting to join the team, but a loyal customer base willing to return to these providers time after time.

Managers have influence on retaining quality staff, simply by consistently celebrating small wins.

That’s why it’s important to arm your salon or spa manager with the right tools so they can focus on what matters most - your guests and providers. Factors that influence employee performance are:

  1. Autonomy

  2. Opportunity for growth and development

  3. A clear understanding of expectations and goals

  4. The right resources and training to do their job

  5. Understanding the brand mission and working towards it every day

People need to have a clear understanding of where they’re going and to see the impact they're having - daily. Put your team’s well-being at the forefront and empower them to do their best work. That’s what creates a successful work environment. This leads us to…

Why Staff Motivation is Key to the Success of Your Business?

According to research by Teresa Amabile and Steven J. Kramer for Harvard Business School, progress through small, celebrated wins creates positive reactions.

On the flip side, small losses have a negative impact on work life. As humans, we tend to focus on the negative which is why it is so important to bring those small wins to the top of mind - daily. Without that, people can be left feeling discouraged and unappreciated and may start looking elsewhere.

What can you do to ensure staff stay motivated?

  • Remain in regular and consistent communication with your team to build relationships.

  • Collaborate through a communication platform so you can create a strong community, and act on what you’re seeing immediately.

  • Stay on top of your business with real-time analytics and share organizational wins with your team.

  • Set goals and motivate your team to achieve better results.

3 Suggestions You Can Implement Today

1. Identify how to best support your team:

  • Set clear goals (long term, yearly, daily) and review them for celebration and self-reflective review.

  • Provide enough time and resources for them to do their best work including training, peer mentioning, and dedicated learning time.

  • Offer recognition in the way that best serves them.

2. Daily reflection: Have your salon manager close each day by:

  • Celebrating small wins from the day with the team.

  • Asking themselves “what can I do tomorrow to support each team member?” and “how am I prioritizing the team?”

3. Automate: Find ways to automate operations so your salon manager can focus on what matters - motivating your team and growing your business.

Celebrate Small Wins with ezPulse

With the ezPulse app, you keep your finger on the pulse of your business, stay connected with your staff, and celebrate small wins to keep the team engaged and motivated, from anywhere at any time.

Access real-time results in the palm of your hand and instantly chat with the team directly in the app to celebrate successes or coach for better future outcomes as needed. ezPulse creates motivated and connected teams that drive strong business results.


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