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5 practical ways a virtual assistant can help boost staff productivity in salons, spas and medspas

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Empower your staff with 24/7 front desk back up and more time to do what they do best.

In the beauty and wellness space your staff are truly the backbone of your success, and for them to be at their most productive, they need to feel empowered.

A virtual assistant tailored to the unique demands of your industry can do just that, providing backup around the clock and handling tedious admin tasks in seconds, leaving staff free to focus on their services.

In fact, one study shows that AI chatbots can decrease handling time by up to 77%.

Here are five practical ways an intelligent virtual assistant like SmartBot by can boost staff productivity...

1. Rapid FAQ responses

Guests often have common questions about services, pricing, and policies. While this can be hugely time-consuming and tedious for staff, a virtual assistant can expertly handle these repetitive queries in seconds, offering accurate and natural responses 24/7. By taking this responsibility off staff members, they can dedicate more time to delivering exceptional services – and isn’t everyone more productive when they’re doing what they love?

2. Effortless appointment management

Another task that takes up a lot of valuable staff time is managing new or existing appointments. An AI-powered virtual assistant efficiently manages bookings, rescheduling, and cancellations around the clock, meaning staff can focus entirely on their guests instead of administrative duties.

"Our priority is focusing on guests in-store, and SmartBot helps massively by managing appointment-related calls within 2 minutes, compared to the 10-15 minutes it takes for staff!” - Jacee Looney, Center Manager, Hand & Stone, Tyler, TX

With a virtual assistant like SmartBot by that seamlessly integrates with your Zenoti appointment book, you can rest assured your bookings are being handled and updated in real time.

3. Reduced call volume

With appointments and FAQs efficiently handled by your virtual assistant around the clock, call volumes will decrease significantly. This means staff can spend less time on the phone and more time tending to guests in person.

Continuously interrupting services to answer phone calls can lead to disappointed guests, and in turn, demoralized and less productive staff.

4. More streamlined mornings

How you start your workday has a knock-on effect on how productive the rest of it is going to be. With a virtual assistant working outside of business hours, there's less work to catch up on in the mornings or after returning from holidays. This results in a smoother and happier start to the day, allowing staff to focus on doing what they love from the get-go - providing exceptional services.

5. Prompt follow-up on missed calls

Missed calls can result in missed opportunities. An SMS bot like SmartBot ensures that this never happens. It promptly follows up on missed calls via text, providing the necessary information or assisting clients in rescheduling. This instant response takes the load off staff, removing the dilemma of missing an important call, or creating a negative guest experience with interruptions.


The bottom line is, people are always at their most productive when they can focus their attention on what they do best. By automating essential but tedious tasks like answering FAQs, following-up after missed calls, and managing appointments, it empowers staff with more time to dedicate to providing the very best experience for the guests in front of them. Embracing virtual assistants not only streamlines operations and boosts efficiency, but also enhances the overall guest experience, so it's a win win for salons, spas and medspas. Ready to explore how a 24/7 virtual assistant can help your beauty and wellness business?

SmartBot by works via text messaging or your business's website to provide backup for your front desk around the clock. This intelligent bot instantly answers FAQs, and initiates a conversation when your front desk misses a call, making it easy for guests to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments on their own.

Click here to book a SmartBot demo today, or reach out to

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