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Updating your bot for the holidays: Top tips from SmartBot

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Learn some quick and easy ways to give your salon, spa, or medspa virtual assistant a festive makeover.

The holiday season is in full swing and with a virtual assistant like SmartBot, you’re already well on the way to sleighing the holidays this year.

But, while you prepare your salon, spa, or medspa for the festive season with offers, gift cards, and decorations, there's another holiday tradition you should add to your list — updating your bot.

By customizing your bot’s responses to embrace the festive season, you can add a little brand personality, boost engagement, and help promote your seasonal offers.

Here are 4 easy updates you can make to give your bot a festive makeover...

1. Start with a holiday-themed greeting

Update your welcome message to start with a festive greeting like ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’. Be playful and set the tone for the friendly, personalized conversation a guest can have with your bot.

A holiday-themed greeting can make your bot more engaging and relevant to users during the festive season, helping to increase guest interaction and create a positive impression.

Consider adding a reminder to ask your bot about any seasonal offers your have in this first message, too to get guests' attention up front.

2. Update your FAQs for holiday-related queries

Anticipate common holiday-related queries and proactively update your chatbot's FAQs (frequently asked questions) and responses. Whether it's questions about holiday hours, shipping times, delivery cut-off dates, or any other season-specific queries, updating your FAQs with relevant information will keep your guests happy. Some common questions you may consider adding are:

  • Are there any holiday offers or discounts?

  • Is there an expiration date for your holiday gift cards?

  • What is your store opening hours during the holidays?

  • Can you guarantee delivery before Christmas? And if so, when is the cut-off date?

With SmartBot, you can easily add or update questions and answers in the FAQs section under Settings in real time, and add up to 5 related questions so no matter how the guest asks, they'll get the most relevant response.

3. Edit your responses to be more festive, too

As mentioned above, as well as adding responses to holiday-related FAQs, sprinkle some festive cheer into your existing SmartBot responses to show that your brand is dynamic and responsive to the seasons.

Inject some personality into your responses and consider adding some subtle holiday references that match your brand. Think ‘radiant holiday glow’, ‘unwrap the gift of pampering’, or ‘new year, new look.’

4. Promote special offers in your responses

'Tis the season for giving! If your salon or spa has special holiday promotions or discounts, add this information into your chatbot's responses. You can even include links to direct guests to webpages, or holiday gift guides if you have them.

Guests love anything that makes holiday shopping easier and will appreciate being in the know about exclusive offers, coupon codes, or limited-time deals.

Top Tip: Promote your bot ahead of the holidays

The holidays are busy and stressful for everyone, so more than any other time of the year, guests want convenience.

As the holiday rush begins, we highly recommend that our SmartBot customers promote (or reintroduce) their bot. This lets guests know that even if staff are busy, the bot is there to help with booking and managing appointments or answering their questions any time, day or night.

Some effective ways to do this are displaying QR codes or signage in your salon or spa directing them to your bot, sending a dedicated email campaign, or posting about your bot on your social media channels.

Happy holidays from SmartBot! Ready to explore how a 24/7 virtual assistant can help your beauty and wellness business kick the new year off right? Click here to book a SmartBot demo today, or reach out to

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