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5 Ways to Promote Your New SmartBot

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

So, you’ve launched SmartBot. What's next?

Integrated AI bots or virtual assistants like SmartBot have many benefits- they save you and your team time, elevate the guest experience, and reduce call and front desk wait times. But first, you need to let your guests know your AI bot is ready and waiting to help them. Use the tips given in this blog to get started.

Make some noise to launch your slick new SmartBot 😎

1. Share it via a QR Code

One of the easiest ways to market your SmartBot is by adding a QR code that links to the bot on your various guest touchpoints. This will enable your guests to get instant help when they need it on their mobile devices.

Some examples of how to best use your QR code include:

  • At the front desk, let your guests know that SmartBot can assist them faster than waiting in line for a staff member and point them to the QR code.

  • Add QR codes on product displays to help guests get quick answers to any product-related questions they may have.

  • QR codes can also be included at the bottom of receipts saying that the SmartBot can help with future booking or product queries.

With QR codes, you can also track usage and interactions. So, you’ll gain insights into which QR codes are getting the most scans, what time of day is most popular, and the most common questions. Not sure how to generate a QR code? Find out how at the bottom of the article.

2. Publish a Press Release

When engaging with brands, today’s guests want fast and convenient digital solutions that are available when they are. Plus, 88% of consumers expect brands to be implementing new digital initiatives. Providing an AI bot is an amazing commitment to delivering on this and sustaining a customer-centric approach — so share the good news in a press release!

Let guests know all the benefits of the chatbot and how you have taken this step to make their lives easier and elevate their brand experience even further. Publishing a press release will also help you to attract new guests as it’ll show up on Google if they are searching for your brand and could provide that final push to book an appointment if they’re deciding between you and a competitor.

3. Promote the Chatbot on Social Media

Create a cool social media post announcing your SmartBot.

You’ve likely spent time building an engaged and loyal audience on your social media channels, making it a great platform for announcing the SmartBot launch. Before you get started, it’s important to consider whether an in-feed post would fit with the aesthetic and tone of your channel or whether a story announcement would be better.

This way you’ll avoid losing followers by coming off overly 'salesy'. A good strategy is to also update your social media cover photos to subtly include images that feature your SmartBot. This provides followers with a gentle reminder that you offer this easy solution whenever they interact with your platforms. Another option is to post links to your SmartBot in your channel bios that click directly to start a conversation.

If you have existing relationships with influencers, don’t be afraid to reach out to them to share the news with their community too!
4. Send an Email Update

Being in the beauty and wellness industry, you’ve probably already captured your guests’ email addresses through online booking or sharing follow-up treatment and advice. Enhance this connection with a personalized email that lets them know about your SmartBot and clearly outlines all the ways it’s designed to help them.

Emails provide a good way for you to tell the launch story in your own narrative and avoid any negative feelings that guests may have about it taking away from the personal feeling of your salon or spa experience.

Introduce your AI Bot in guest communications

Instead, you can use the email to reinforce how your chatbot is another added convenience that’s been introduced to ensure they have the help they need, whenever they need it. And if you don’t want to send a dedicated email, simply add a line at the bottom of booking confirmations introducing your new virtual assistant!

5. Promote it in-Store & Online

AI Bots have lots of benefits for your staff too, saving them time that would have been spent on repetitive admin tasks that they can instead spend helping guests. These benefits mean staff will be invested in ensuring the launch is a success and that guests start to use it, instead of calling the front desk for every inquiry.

Lean into this by encouraging the team to let each guest know that it’s now available, free them to direct guests to your SmartBot, and demonstrate how it works — removing any potential barriers to usage that may arise.

You can take it a step further and display posters promoting your SmartBot in high-traffic areas of your salon or spa. Ensure every website visitor also sees it by creating an eye-catching banner sharing the news or even a pop-up that directs them to your Bot to quickly solve any questions or booking needs they may have. And be sure to add the bot’s unique IVR (Interactive Voice Response) number on your website contact page.

Overall, an AI bot like SmartBot is an excellent tool if your audience knows about it. So, invest the time into your launch strategy to ensure your chatbot is a success and is being used by guests right from the start.

How to generate a QR code

You can generate QR codes with ease using some open source code generator websites, for example,

Step 1: Enter the phone number & Message

Step 2: Click Create QR Code

Step 3: Download & print the QR code

Businesses can use the SmartBot to answer common queries, book, cancel, and reschedule appointments, and promote offers, gift cards, & memberships.
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