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How to get your staff excited about your AI virtual assistant

Updated: Aug 15

Virtual assistants are there to empower your front desk, not replace it. Here's how to help your staff embrace their new AI team member.

It's easy to make your staff fall in love with their new AI assistant.

Guest experience is the key to success in the beauty and wellness industry, and your front desk staff plays a vital role in keeping your guests happy.

Their in-person interactions can turn first-time visitors into loyal customers, and their dedication to making your guests feel special is integral to the success of your business.

However, they have a lot more on their plate than just tending to guests visiting your location. They're juggling phone calls, bookings, reschedules, cancellations, promoting memberships and in-store offers... the list goes on and on.

This is why more and more industries – including the beauty and wellness space – are turning to AI platforms to help free up much-needed time for staff to concentrate on those all-important human interactions.

By following up on missed calls via text, managing time-consuming booking tasks, and answering repetitive queries, an AI virtual assistant like SmartBot by gives your staff time to fully focus on what they do best – delighting your guests.

And while we universally celebrate the superhuman power of virtual assistants to transform customer service and help us work smarter, it’s easy to understand why your staff could be a little reluctant to embrace AI – after all, no one wants to be replaced.

But, the important thing to help them understand is that the need for human touch will always be necessary for the beauty and wellness space, and instead of worrying, your staff should be excited about their new virtual team member as it's there to make their lives easier.

Here are 5 ways to get your front desk staff excited about working with your new AI virtual assistant.

1. Be transparent from the start

First things first, don’t let the new AI addition be a shock to your staff. Let them know in advance that you’ll be implementing a virtual assistant and be open about why you made the decision. Be clear about changes they can expect, listen to any concerns they may have, and be sure to explain how this is going to help them.

2. Emphasize the benefits for them

No one likes to feel like they are being replaced, especially by technology, so it’s understandable that your staff may have some concerns about how AI will affect their job. That’s why it’s essential to communicate the many ways a virtual assistant like SmartBot will empower your front desk staff.

Emphasize the benefits your front desk will see by offloading mundane or repetitive admin tasks to SmartBot, like having time to focus on more rewarding tasks and developing new skills.

Give them a scenario where they can see the benefit, like reminding them of a time when they had to cut an in-person guest interaction short because the phone was ringing continuously, only to answer the call and get asked a question about parking – something an AI assistant like SmartBot could have easily taken care of.

3. Show staff how AI is already affecting their lives

The fear of the unknown is real, so it’s good to remind your staff how much they already use AI in their daily lives. 46% of Americans use digital voice assistants, so it’s highly likely your staff are using Siri, Cortana, or Alexa to get answers quicker. This means they can already understand the benefits AI will bring to their guests, without replacing the need for human interactions.

4. Involve and empower your staff

Although your team is probably familiar with AI, it’s a good idea to take some time to show them how your new virtual assistant works. Demonstrate how your Bot will handle a missed call or a booking request from start to finish, so your team can rest assured they can rely on their new AI colleague.

When configuring your Bot’s answers to FAQs, try involving your staff in crafting the responses. This way their virtual teammate can reflect a little bit of their personality, helping them feel more connected.

5. Ask for feedback and listen

Let your staff know you care about their opinion and once your AI assistant is live, have regular check-ins about how they are finding working alongside it. Giving your employees an opportunity to get together to exchange information, ask questions, or suggest improvements is integral to helping them build a great working relationship with their AI teammate, and getting the best results for you.

It’s estimated that AI can increase productivity by 40% or more, so take time to ensure your staff is getting the most out of working with your virtual assistant.

The bottom line...

It’s human nature to feel reluctant about change and introducing an AI assistant can take a little adjustment, but by reminding your staff that it’s there to help and empower them, highlighting the many ways it will make their jobs easier, and keeping an open line of communication, your staff will fall in love with their new AI teammate in no time.

Ready to explore how an AI virtual assistant can help your beauty and wellness business? Reach out to to book a SmartBot demo - a powerful virtual assistant designed exclusively for salons and spas.

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