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Here’s why your AI Bot is smarter than you think

How SmartBot’s advanced human-like capabilities, without any human limitations, can elevate your customer service.

Smarter than you think: Advanced tech keeps conversations flowing more naturally than ever

Blog Summary:

When AI virtual assistants appear in movies – think J.A.R.V.I.S from Iron Man, Samantha from Her, or K.I.T.T from Knight Rider – they are often seen displaying deep emotions like love, jealousy, or upset, and while real-world virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa can’t exactly be compared when it comes to deep emotional nuances, they have still found a lot of love from their users because of their superior utility.

They make your life simpler by helping build out your calendar or find a long-forgotten song, and they can even show a sprinkling of sentiment by cracking jokes and giving compliments. With time, AI virtual assistants have also evolved and developed impressive human-like conversational capabilities.

Today conversations can flow so naturally that it’s not always obvious you’re interacting with a bot. In fact, research shows that almost 30% of consumers were unsure whether the last customer support interaction they had was with a chatbot or a real person.

However, it’s actually the combination of human and super-human capabilities that makes today’s virtual assistants so essential for diverse industries, including the Beauty and Wellness space.

While an AI bot can’t make your guest a cup of coffee or pick up on subtle social cues, it also won’t call in sick, get stressed on busy days, or make a mistake when it’s juggling too many things at once.

Beauty and the Bot

The adoption rate of technology like AI bots has risen exponentially in the Beauty and Wellness industry post-pandemic. The need for contactless services and the seemingly overnight switch to a digital-first business model caused by COVID has driven many spas and salons to adopt intelligent assistants that help staff be more efficient without compromising the guest experience.

For the Beauty and Wellness industry, where the guest experience is paramount, while AI assistants are essential to business continuity and operational seamlessness, it’s integral that they don’t sacrifice the finer aspects of the guest experience. READ: How GENT Cuts and Grooming reduced staff hours with SmartBot without sacrificing customer service Spas and salons don’t want their customers to feel that they are being forced to chat with a machine that either gets stuck, repeats questions, or takes forever to respond when there is even the slightest context change during the chat.

SmartBot from is built with cutting-edge technology that makes it human-like in its conversational capabilities

Next-level personalized experience

Existing guests don’t want to feel like a stranger, and with SmartBot’s exclusive, deep integration with Zenoti’s booking system – the #1 cloud software for salons, spas, and med spas - your bot can recognize who it’s talking to, refer to them by name and instantly assist them with their existing bookings. Just like a receptionist who knows what treatments your guest has been getting over the last few years, and remembers their favorite stylist, SmartBot has access to your guest’s history with your salon or spa – and can use this information to truly personalize the interaction.

Natural conversation skills via Context Retention Capability

Conversations have a natural flow, and SmartBot’s human-like conversational skills are an outcome of deep artificial intelligence built into its algorithm. As well as being able to answer all booking, rescheduling, and cancellation-related queries, and FAQs, it also has the skill to maintain context even if the original flow of the conversation is interrupted.

Here (image) we see that although the guest interrupted the Booking flow with a question about parking, SmartBot is intelligent enough to naturally switch between two independent flows, answer relevantly, and resume the conversation without any repetitive questions – just like human interaction.

Understanding user intent

We all speak differently, and the same question can be asked in many ways. Your staff is intelligent enough to understand these questions no matter the choice of words, and with SmartBot’s cutting-edge, in-built intelligence, it can also understand the guest’s intent and deliver the correct response.

Most spas and salons have standard responses to policy-related questions, and if you have configured the right answers to all policy-based questions in the Bot back-end, you can be rest assured the question will be answered by SmartBot, irrespective of different phrasings.

Cutting-edge: No matter how the question is asked, SmartBot knows the answer

If a question is too complex or all the correct answers to policy-based questions haven’t been inputted, instead of leaving your guests frustrated, SmartBot is intelligent enough to recognize when the option to speak to an agent should be offered.

These human-like qualities help your guests feel more comfortable chatting with an AI assistant and make it easier to form an emotional connection. In fact, one study found that the heart rate and GSR levels of participants increased when Amazon’s Alexa offered recommendations and told jokes – showing the emotional bond possible with virtual assistants.

Beyond human-like insights into guest conversations

While SmartBot interacts with a human-like approach, it goes beyond human capabilities to create insights and analytics of its performance and accuracy around conversations handled and transactions completed in a single dashboard.

Lightning-fast responses to guest queries Guests want answers instantly, and virtual assistants like SmartBot can answer FAQs just like a human could, but much quicker – and they can do this for multiple guests at once, leaving no one waiting.

Bots don’t need to make decisions about how to respond and can provide an identical customer service experience every time, no matter what the query is. With 68% of consumers liking chatbots because they provide quick answers, and more than 50% believing a business should be available 24/7, bots can provide around-the-clock support via your website or text while humans need to sleep.

Personalized to match your brand Guests want to feel like they are speaking to a member of your team when interacting with your business, and modern virtual assistants allow you to build your bot to reflect your brand’s identity, give them a name, a personality, and train them to use your brand’s voice.

Your bot is an extension of your brand and, just like your staff, it has the capability to learn more with a little training. The more information you update your bot with, the more human-like conversations with guests will become.

SmartBot customers particularly love its easy-to-use DIY configuration panel which makes editing and republishing responses child's play.

DIY Configuration- Edit prompts & reset in a jiffy!


While it’s true that virtual assistants like SmartBot have many human-like capabilities that will delight your guests, it’s the combination of human-like and superhuman aspects that make cutting-edge AI-powered chatbots so integral to creating the ultimate guest experience. To know more about SmartBot, write to

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