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Streamline your Facebook Messenger Conversations with ezConnect

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Ever since people started text messaging – at first, by repeatedly pressing numbered buttons on their phones – messaging apps have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. In 2021, more than 3 billion mobile phone users worldwide used messaging apps.

This trend has transformed how people communicate with businesses: 64 percent of people say they prefer messaging a business over calling or emailing.

The most popular messaging app in the U.S. is Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s dedicated messaging platform. It has a staggering 180 million users and 87% of U.S. adults use it regularly.

In this blog post, we explore why your business should connect with guests via Facebook Messenger, and how you can integrate the app into your business software for a single, seamless point of guest communications.

What is Facebook Messenger for business?

Facebook Messenger for business enables guests to directly message your salon, spa, or medspa via your Facebook page.

It’s a popular customer service channel for those who prefer a digital option to ask questions, or who may not want to ask particular questions in person or over the phone. This can range from simple queries about an upcoming appointment to whether a treatment is suitable for a certain medical condition.

Many prefer Facebook Messenger because it saves messages for future reference. There’s no need to scramble for a pen to note down an appointment time or address — guests can simply pick up their smartphone for a quick reminder.

The benefits of using Facebook Messenger for business

Being available online – where your guests already spend their time – offers them a quick and convenient way to contact your business. The asynchronized nature of the app gives guests even greater communication convenience: They can send a message on the go, get an instant response, and then get back to it later when they have a moment. Facebook Messenger brings revenue and loyalty benefits to your business. You can use it to generate leads, drive transactions, and offer support:

1. Build trust with guests

Accepting direct messages shows guests that your business is available and open to dialogue. It gives you another outlet to build a personal connection with each guest by answering questions about their bookings or treatments.

2. Create opportunities for follow-up

Once someone has contacted you via Facebook Messenger, that channel of communication is now established. Use it to follow up with relevant messages, promotions, and offers, which land directly in your guest’s smartphone.

3. Drive bookings with advertising

People and businesses exchange more than 20 billion messages on Facebook Messenger every month. Take advantage of that frequency by advertising to your guests via Messenger. You’ll expand your reach and cater to those most likely to respond to your communication.

4. Receive direct messages from ads and posts

Add a link to Messenger to your Facebook ads and posts, to create a convenient, one-tap communication channel for anyone with a question about your latest offer.

Introducing: Facebook Messenger on ezConnect

Although Facebook Messenger is convenient for guests, it’s not always convenient for businesses. Getting started and using the app regularly can require multiple steps. You need to create page roles to identify which staff members can access it (and remember to remove them if they leave). You also need to check regularly for new messages – along with checking your other communication channels.

If your staff needs to switch between Facebook Messenger and another app to check a guest’s appointment history or book a visit, they may be delayed responding to that guest’s inquiry.

Now, there’s an easier way. Introducing Facebook Messenger on ezConnect.

We have integrated Facebook Messenger with ezConnect so you can view messages directly on the Zenoti platform. Here’s how this convenient integration helps your team and your business:

  • Offers a holistic view of all conversations. Whether your guest has contacted you via SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook, you can view all conversations in one place.

  • Enables quicker response times – no switching between apps is required to locate guest details and history.

  • Streamlines appointment bookings, with appointments and messaging on the same platform.

  • Provides a single point of access. With ezConnect, staff can use Facebook Messenger directly from the front desk without accessing your Facebook page.


In today’s ever-connected world, offering the convenience of direct messaging can be the difference between a potential guest choosing your business or a competitor’s.

Using multiple messaging platforms can be time-consuming and error-prone, forcing your front desk to switch between apps to answer questions or complete bookings. With ezConnect, you can unify all conversations in one place for a seamless, digital staff experience that benefits both your guests and your business.

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