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3 Strategies to get more customers communicate with you on WhatsApp

How many times have you called a friend or family member only for them to get back to you by text a little later? We're guessing a lot. Today’s consumers shun the phone in favor of text or messaging apps, and they expect their favorite brands to follow suit. Given this trend, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp has 1.6 billion consumers and more than fifty million business users across the globe. When it comes to customer engagement, the conversational element of WhatsApp offers businesses a distinct advantage. The platform makes it easy for customers to ask questions, reschedule appointments, or get more information about products and services. Your customers want to connect with your business on WhatsApp just like they connect with family and friends. So, what’s stopping them? To reap the benefits of this powerful platform, you must make it easy for your customers to find you there. Keep reading for three tips to help you do just that.

1. Promote it on Your Website

In the world of conversational marketing, the dialogue doesn’t stop once a customer or prospect lands on your website. You must find ways to continue the conversation, and WhatsApp provides an opportunity for you to—literally and figuratively—land right in your customers’ back pocket. To broaden your reach, you could share a short link to your WhatsApp Business account on the relevant pages on your website. Within WhatsApp, simply copy and paste the short link and then post it on your company contact page or within your website footer text. On your website, include a brief description that clearly explains the benefits of connecting with your business on WhatsApp, whether it’s a faster response time or access to VIP rewards. You may also consider offering a special discount or promotion to encourage customers to join you on the platform. Additionally, be sure to share your WhatsApp details on social media and within your company email signatures for even greater exposure.

2. Share it In-Store

Your storefront is a great place to encourage customers and prospects to join you on WhatsApp. One way to do that is to capitalize on a trend that’s reaching a new renaissance: QR codes.

Think back to your last restaurant visit. Do you remember scanning a barcode on the table to access the digital menu? That’s a prime example of QR codes in action. The core value of QR codes is to transport a person from a physical place (a location sign, an ad, or a store) to a digital destination (your WhatsApp Business page) in an easy, thumb-friendly manner. Within WhatsApp, it’s easy to generate a unique QR code for your business: just click on settings, business tools, short link, and then “view QR code.” Once you have completed these steps, you can save, print, and display your QR code in the desired in-store locations. See below for a few ideas.

On Door & Salon Signage:

There’s no better time to tell your customers about your brand-new app than when they walk by—or into—your store. To promote your WhatsApp number to customers and passersby, display your WhatsApp QR code in a visually appealing manner that encourages your customers to connect. You could display your business QR code on:

  • A window decal or sign in a prominent location

  • The front door of your retail location(s)

  • At each station (on a tabletop sign or on mirror clings)

  • At your front reception desk

Display your WhatsApp QR code in multiple places to make it easy for customers and prospects to find you on the platform.

Within ezConnect:

When your customer is settling payment for a service, ask for their permission to continue the conversation on WhatsApp. It’s important to coach staff on the benefits of communicating with your business via WhatsApp, so your customers are clear on the value. Once your customer agrees, just switch it on in their ezConnect profile, and you’re all set to communicate with them on WhatsApp.

3. Send an SMS Blast

If your customers already interact with you via SMS, then making the switch to WhatsApp is only natural. To encourage your customers to join you on WhatsApp, reach out via SMS and ask for their permission. If you plan to send them marketing messages, be clear about your intentions. If you only wish to engage about services, tell them. Be crystal-clear about how you plan to engage and how often, to reassure your customers that connecting on WhatsApp will be a positive experience. Once your customer agrees to communicate via WhatsApp, then you are all set. Now you can deepen your relationship and engage in a more interactive, meaningful, in-the-moment way.

The Final Verdict

These days, texting is how your customers communicate. Whether you’re helping a guest reschedule or book a service, interacting with your customers in a friction-free way is vital— but that’s not the end of the story. Before you can engage with your customers on WhatsApp, you must make sure they know that they can find you there. By running clever promotions, you can entice your customers to engage with you on an app they’re already using. Finally, choose smart technology that integrates with WhatsApp to deliver a positive, seamless experience at every step in your customers’ journey.

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