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How Sabai Thai tackled operational challenges with SmartBot

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Insights from our conversation with Polly Denniston, Chief Operations Officer at Sabai Thai - a chain of award-winning day spas from Vancouver specializing in traditional Thai healing massages and luxurious organic facials.

Polly Denniston | COO, Sabai Thai

What Sabai Thai stands for

At Sabai Thai, we truly believe in providing the best services through our specialized Thai massage combined with western techniques. It doesn’t just help our guests with relaxation but also improves their health in general. We want to push the message out that a massage is not just for luxury, it is actually something that could help you with the well-being of your mind and body, and ultimately improve your life. So, our mission is to improve people's lives through our healing, spa technique, and superior services.

Operational hassles

We wanted to ensure two things:

No 1: That our booking system supports our front desk, so calls are not flooding the location. It gives our staff time to focus more on servicing the guests at the location rather than just answering calls.

No 2: That our guests are able to book appointments at any time from anywhere, at their convenience. SmartBot helps us a lot in achieving this.

We were looking for a way to ensure no guest on our website gets missed. Within the first 30 days of going live with SmartBot, we helped guests book appointments that added $7,000 in overall revenue along with massive savings in time for our front desk team. What delighted our guests most was that the bot offered a great experience with quick and relevant responses.

Marrying our core value with technology

One of our core values is adaptability and adapting means constantly moving forward in life. You cannot just stand in one place and evolve. Our world is changing a lot when it comes to technology: Every day there is something new, something to learn, and something to improve. We want to be the ones to give our guests and our staff the highest level of convenience and the best experience. In order to provide the best customer service, we were on the lookout for advanced technology that could help us. That's when I came across SmartBot and thought it looked like a great idea for us to try out!

What I love the most

Is the way SmartBot automation works, where we can feed custom inputs into the bot AI (Artificial Intelligence) system to have conversations with our guests. It’s basically a front desk for us 24/7, because we can only do so much as humans, and we really do need the help - no one can work 24/7. So, the 'Automate' feature is something that I am excited to see and adapt. In the future, if the bot is working really well, maybe we won't need a front desk anymore (in its current form). Our front desk could be a person who is not just for booking but also does the customer service in-store. Giving the best experience to guests instead of only answering calls one after another.

I am glad to say that SmartBot has already helped us with bookings during the initial days of implementation, and that's good news for us. Right now, we are just getting started, but I believe once everything is settled it will help us tremendously in managing the guest experience. I am very excited to see how SmartBot can evolve our booking processes in the future.

Another very important factor that helped us achieve results so fast is the fact that we have been actively involved in giving input via weekly meetings. I would also like to mention that I am quite impressed by the customer service I have received from the team. The team is very good and helpful. Whenever we have given feedback, they have taken action.

The future and what it holds

“I believe our spa has more advanced technology compared to other traditional spas." As I said earlier, we believe in adaptability, especially for technology. While I don't think technology can completely replace humans, I do believe it can be leveraged for its advantages. We can utilize the benefits of technologies like SmartBot to help us focus our quality time on important matters. In the end, we believe that human-to-human connection is very important. We don't want to replace that time of human connectivity with something that is repetitive and mundane, for example, a booking process or a phone call. SmartBot has helped us optimize booking, rescheduling, and cancellation processes, allowing us to bring in over $7000 of managed revenue via the bot.

We have a vision, we want every customer who walks into our store to feel like - "Oh this is not the world that I was living in, it's a world of experiences, relaxation and customer service"- Something that they cannot find when they walk out of our spa. And we see technology like SmartBot as an enabler to our vision.

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