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12 awesome text message templates every salon or spa should be using

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Add these templates to your ezConnect Saved Responses to save time for staff and keep guests happy.

We already know that the best way to effectively communicate with your guests is via SMS messaging – with a 98% open rate compared to just 20% for email, there’s no question that texting is the way to go. But, did you know you can make texting your guests even more efficient by creating Saved Responses in ezConnect for common messages your staff send? Your FDOs could be saving valuable time by using Saved Responses instead of manually typing the same messages numerous times a day.

Bonus – your guests will get consistent customer service no matter which staff member they hear from. Here’s our list of 12 text templates you can add to Saved Responses within ezConnect today to help communicate with guests faster and more effectively, no matter the occasion. Simply copy these templates and customize them to fit your own spa or salon’s needs. 1. Appointment reschedules or cancellations

1. Appointment reschedules or cancellations

Appointment no longer suits your guest? Hey, these things happen! Use these templates to make it easy for guests to reschedule, and for you to keep your appointment book full.

Hey [Guest Name]! Would you like to reschedule your appointment to next week instead of canceling? Let us know when works best for you, and we can book you in. - [Your Business]

Not ready to reschedule yet? Save them the trouble of calling to rebook later by including a reschedule link in the text:

Hey [Guest Name]! You’ve successfully canceled your appointment on [Date] [Time] at [Business Name]. You can still reschedule at [Link].

2. Notice for cancellations or closures

Need to reschedule on your end due to unforeseen circumstances? Minimize the inconvenience caused by acting fast and having a template prepared.

Hi [Guest Name], we’re sorry for the inconvenience but unfortunately [Name] is out sick today. Can we reschedule for another day next week? [Name] has available appointments on [Date] and [Date]. Let us know which day works better for you, and we’ll get you rebooked. - [Business Name]

3. Fill last-minute appointments openings

Got a cancellation last minute? Have a template ready to go to keep the chair filled.

Hi [Guest Name], we’ve had a last-minute cancellation today. Are you available to come in for your appointment at [Time] instead of [Date] [Time]? Thank you! - [Business Name]

4. Upsell a service or add-on Do you offer longer sessions or add-ons that will make the experience even better for your guest? Let them know about it because after all, who doesn’t love a great deal?

Hi [Guest Name]! You have a [Service Type] confirmed at [Your Business] for tomorrow. Do you want to change that to a [Upsell] for just [Price] more?

Hi [Guest Name]! You have a [Service Type] confirmed at [Your Business] for tomorrow. Do you want to add a [Add-on] for just [Price] more?

5. Pre-service care instructions

Make sure your guests know about any preparations/restrictions they need to make before their visit to your business to ensure their service runs smoothly.

Hi [Guest Name]! Not long until your appointment at [Business Name] – let's make sure you’re prepared! Please remember to [Care Instructions] for [Duration] before your service! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

6. Thank you message

Great guest experience doesn’t end when they leave your salon or spa, so make sure to let them know you’re grateful for their business.

Hey [Guest Name]! Thanks so much for choosing [Business Name]! It was our pleasure to have you as a guest today, and we hope you loved your service. Hope to see you again soon!

This is also the perfect time to ask for feedback, and maybe even get a great review if you’re lucky!

Hey [Guest Name]! You recently had a [Service Type] with [Staff Member] at [Business Name] and we’d love to hear how it went! If you’ve got a minute, we’d love it if you left a Google review of your experience to help spread the word about our business. Thanks, and hope to see you again soon!

7. Post-service tips

Go that one step further and help your guests maintain their treatments at home by texting them with some expert tips.

Hi [Guest Name], did you know that using [Product] once a week can keep your hair shiny and healthy? Try our recommended [products] for the best results! Check them out here: [Website URL].

8. Autoreply outside of business hours

You can’t be available 24/7, but there’s an easy way to let your guests know you’ll get back to them as soon as you can, and hopefully prevent them reaching out to a competitor instead.

Thanks for reaching out! We’re closed right now and will respond first thing in the morning. Our opening hours are [Business Hours]. For questions about services or to book online, please visit [Your Website URL].

9. Prompt a rebook from an existing customer

Sometimes guests just need a little nudge to remember they’re overdue for their favorite service at your salon or spa.

Hi [Guest Name]! We miss you! It’s been a while since your last visit and it's about time for your next service! Do you want to book an appointment for this week?

10. Upcoming birthday message

Who doesn’t love a birthday gift? Having a birthday text with a special discount ready to go is a great way to make every guest feel special.

Happy Birthday [Guest Name] from the [Business Name] team! As a birthday treat, we’d love to offer you a [%] discount on your next service. Book an appointment between [Date] and [Date] to get your special birthday discount. Would you like to go ahead and book something now?

11. Membership reminders

Don’t let your guests’ membership expire, instead make sure you have a reminder template ready to send in advance to secure that renewal.

Hi [Guest Name], just a quick reminder that your [Business Name] Membership is expiring in 7 days. Renew now to continue enjoying our exclusive perks and discounts!

12. Referral requests

Encourage happy guests to spread the word by referring their friends to your salon and offer them a discount to say thanks for being ambassadors of your salon or spa.

Hi [Guest Name], loved your last visit to our salon? Why not spread the love by telling your friends and family about us? Make sure to tell them to say your name when they book with us, and we’ll give you 10% off your next visit as a thank you!

Top tips for Saved Responses

- While these templates are very effective, don’t be afraid to customize them to sound more like your own brand tone of voice

- Remember you can add emojis to your ezConnect Saved Responses – use them to inject some color or add some extra personality to your messages

- Look at your own salon or spa’s frequently sent messages – and add a template response for each to ezConnect Saved Responses to save your staff much-needed time Ready to add these templates to your ezConnect Saved Responses? Find out how here.

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