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3 reasons why SmartBot is mission critical for Hand & Stone Tyler, TX

Owner of the successful spa shares his top 3 reasons why SmartBot is a must-have for the center's business growth.
The Hand & Stone Tyler, TX, team are enjoying the many benefits of their virtual team member SmartBot

Since implementing SmartBot earlier this year, Hand & Stone Tyler, TX - part of the award-winning Hand & Stone chain of franchised spas specializing in affordable, relaxing massage and facial services - has already seen huge benefits for its staff, and guests. As the spa’s philosophy is that guests entering their spas will be 'enveloped in soothing sounds and aromas while they journey to relaxation and restoration', owner Mike Petree is delighted that SmartBot allows his staff to focus on the guest experience. Mike met with the Simplified team to discuss what makes SmartBot a mission-critical product for running smooth and successful business operations, and here are the top 3 ways it’s become essential...

1. SmartBot takes care of calls, letting your front desk focus on in-store guest experience

“It takes the phones off your front desk at peak times. I tell my staff from 15 minutes before the top of the hour, up until 15 minutes after, they shouldn’t answer calls. They're here for the customers in front of them," explains Mike. His front desk staff is confident that even if they don’t tend to calls when in-store guest traffic is high, SmartBot has their back and ensures that no call is missed, allowing them to fully focus on delighting the guests in front of them.

"SmartBot is like a breath of fresh air for our business. Today, 35% of our missed calls convert into appointments managed by SmartBot."
- Michael Petree, Owner, Hand & Stone, Tyler, TX

2. SmartBot SMS and Voicemail features wows our guests

For Mike, the true genius of SmartBot is its simplicity. “SmartBot works perfectly for us as it allows guests to leave a message and triggers an SMS for an appointment booking when the front desk staff is busy. Guests are wowed by this feature.”

Not only do guests get to leave a message for the front desk staff, but they also receive a text from SmartBot that helps them choose a service, stylist, date and time, and book an appointment in a simple, user-friendly way. Watch how Hand & Stone are using the feature:

3. SmartBot is a blessing for staff, saving them precious time every day

SmartBot has also proven to be mission critical for Mike in the amount of time it saves for his staff. We spoke with Jacee Looney, Centre Manager at H&S Tyler, TX, who highlighted how straightforward and to the point Bot interactions are compared to when staff receive calls. As guests often love to engage in conversations that go beyond transactional, she recognizes the massive amount of time this saves for the team.

"Our priority is focusing on guests in-store, and SmartBot helps massively by managing appointment-related calls within 2 minutes, compared to the 10-15 minutes it takes for staff!” - Jacee Looney, Center Manager, Hand & Stone, Tyler, TX

About SmartBot

SmartBot is the next-gen AI Virtual Assistant for spa, salons and med spas, and is the #1 choice for Zenoti customers due to its deep and exclusive integration with the Zenoti appointment book. For more information, visit or contact

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