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Help your front desk collaborate effectively with co-workers

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Here’s how ezConnect Private Notes makes effective employee collaboration a breeze
Collaborate with 100% private notes that your team will see, but your guests won’t

In the beauty and wellness industry where guest experience is everything, effective communication amongst your team members is a prerequisite for outstanding customer service, and therefore vital for your salon or spa’s success. So, why is clear and quick communication so important for your business? Miscommunications and delays in finding the information your guests need can lead to dissatisfaction and bad online reviews, and with data showing that two-thirds of people are only willing to wait on hold for two minutes or less, quick communication is key. In salons and spas where shift work means guests don’t always see the same therapist or front desk staff each time they visit, effective collaboration is vital for ensuring your guests feel special every time they enter your doors. Challenges of manual collaboration While dozens of different communication mediums available to us can be a benefit, this is exactly what causes challenges for your front desk staff when they need to get information from their co-workers fast.

Texts, WhatsApp messages, social media, paper notes left at the desk... it can be hard (not to mention time-consuming!) to keep track of where the information you need is, leading to confusion, frustration and miscommunications.

With ezConnect’s Private Notes feature, keeping all your notes in one place for your team has never been easier, so no matter who is at your front desk, they can always find exactly what they need to assist your guests – and fast. How ezConnect’s Private Notes can improve your customer service It’s simple. The more effectively your team collaborates with each other, the better the experience will be for your guests. Let’s picture the scene: Emily, a new guest at your med spa, has her first chemical peel treatment with your specialist physician Maya today. She calls up 3 hours before her treatment sounding concerned and explains that she got mild sunburn on her nose and forehead the week before and needs to know whether she can still come in for the treatment. Sarah, a generalist at your med spa, takes the phone call and explains that she doesn’t know for sure as this is a specialized treatment, but would get Maya to call back when she finishes with her current client in 45 minutes.

Emily needs at least 2 hours to travel to the med spa and doesn’t want to make a wasted trip. She’s frustrated that she couldn’t get the answer she needed straight away.

Situations like this can leave a negative impression of your business, and make your team look disorganized. With ezConnect’s Private Notes feature, this could easily be avoided.

Sarah could have tagged an experienced FDO in Private Notes who could have assisted her with the inquiry right away, or Maya or another experienced member of staff could have left FAQs and pre-care instructions in Private Notes for Sarah to access. Here’s how it works:

With ezConnect’s Private Notes feature your team can leave notes your co-workers will see, but your guests won’t. Use the feature to: - Enrich conversations Leave important information for the next shift worker to take over guest conversations seamlessly. Provide context and add any additional guest information that will help make your guests feel valued. - Find help fast Tag co-workers directly to get the information you need fast, and know exactly where to find it - Get notified Never miss a mention with all notifications in one place, so you can help your co-workers get the answers they need fast. - Track Conversations Find conversations that need your attention quickly using the ‘Mentioned’ filter. Conclusion Effective employee collaboration plays a vital role in keeping your team and your guests happy, and with ezConnect’s Private Notes feature, it’s now easier than ever. Private Notes gives your team a simple and stress-free way to confidently assist every guest. Want to learn more about using this feature? Check out our handy help guide here.
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