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How Skinful Laser Tattoo Removal mastered seamless on-the-go guest communications

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Learn how ezConnect helped thriving med spa Skinful Laser Tattoo Removal secure 82% show rate with elevated guest communications
“I love that the entire team has access to ezConnect and can pick up where someone else left off. We’re all always logged in so that we can meet the client exactly where they are in the process and the appropriate person on our team can respond. That’s essential to our success.” - Ryian Coleman, Owner, Skinful Laser Tattoo Removal

Skinful Laser Tattoo Removal is a thriving med spa based in Killen, Texas, specializing in laser tattoo removal, hair removal and laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. The talented team prides itself on providing exceptional customer service for its customers across Central Texas. With a clientele of mainly busy professionals and entrepreneurs, owner Ryian Coleman needed a powerful messaging platform that allowed his team to communicate with guests on the go to provide a seamless experience at every stage of their journey.

Thriving med spa Skinful Tattoo Removal improved its responsiveness and show rates with ezConnect

The Challenge

As Skinful Laser Tattoo Removal’s guests are predominantly very busy professionals, they often have short windows of time to communicate with the med spa between meetings or during their commute. Without an effective messaging solution accessible by the entire team, the med spa struggled to respond promptly and effectively enough to provide the level of service they wanted for their guests.

The Solution

ezConnect’s 2-way messaging allows the team to communicate with guests on the go and has increased the med spa’s responsiveness with convenient, time-saving features. The entire team has access to ezConnect on iPhones, Macs and iPads throughout the practice, and closely monitor clients’ messages, and privates notes left for each other, to ensure the relevant person responds promptly at each stage of the process.

With ezConnect, Skinful Laser Tattoo Removal has elevated its guest communications with:

  • Automated reminder texts and notifications effectively reducing no-shows

  • Saved Responses feature reducing response time

  • Social media accounts linked allowing prompt responses to every message from one platform

“Right now, we have an 82% show rate, and a lot of that is due to ezConnect. Automated reminder texts and notifications are essential and definitely one of the most important things we do to reduce no-shows. Being able to automate most of that process also saves a lot of time in payroll hours.” - Ryian Coleman, Owner, Skinful Laser Tattoo Removal For more information, visit or contact

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