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Stay on top of guest conversations and never miss important follow-ups with ezConnect Tags

Updated: May 16, 2023

Ensure important guest follow-ups don’t get lost in the crowd with ezConnect Tags

For thriving salons or spas, guest messages are coming in thick and fast from morning to night, and keeping track of every conversation to ensure a prompt response can be a struggle.

While letting a few follow-up messages slip through the net for a day or two may not seem like a major issue, 69% of customers judge the quality of customer service on whether they received a quick response or not.

And considering around 61% of customers say they would switch to a competitor after one bad experience, the importance of keeping on top of guest conversations can’t be underestimated.

The good news? Keeping your inbox organized can be easier than you think – and with ezConnect Tags, your staff can group guest conversations together with relevant tags that makes filtering through conversations (and responding fast!) effortless.

How you can use custom tags to improve efficiency in your salon or spa

Every salon or spa is different, which is why ezConnect lets you create custom tags that make sense for your business.

However, here are some ideas for tags that can help any beauty and wellness business organize their inbox and streamline their operations: Service-specific tags: Tags like ‘Haircut’, ‘Massage’, or ‘Facial’ can help staff quickly access conversations related to specific services, making it easier to follow up with guests and provide personalized service.

VIP tags: While you already treat every guest like a star, if for example you have an influencer coming in who will be sharing their experience to thousands online, you’re going to want to make extra sure that things run smoothly. Create a tag for VIP guests to easily access and prioritize conversations with these important customers.

Follow-up tags: Some situations require fast action, so add a tag to those conversations to make prioritizing easy. Tags like ‘Follow up' or ‘Reschedule’ or ‘High Priority’ can help front desk operators quickly identify conversations that require additional attention or follow-up and helps them act fast.

Feedback tags: Whether its positive or negative, feedback shouldn’t be left unanswered. Create tags like ‘Compliment’ or ‘Complaint’ to easily track guest feedback and address any issues or concerns, or keep guests feeling special, in a timely manner. (The ‘Compliment’ tag is also a great way to boost team morale if you need to quickly pull some proof points on why your staff are awesome!)

Staff-specific tags: Need information from a specific co-worker to respond effectively? Use tags like ‘Check with hair stylist’ to track conversations with specific staff members or departments, making it easier to manage and monitor guest interactions across the organization.

Membership tags: Want to stay on top of messages from members to ensure you keep them happy? Use tags to track conversations and appointments related to members or subscription services, making it easier to manage these types of guests. Date-specific tag: Need to get in touch with guests on a specific date? Perhaps after they return from holiday, or 48 hours before their appointment with pre-care instructions? Use a ‘Reach out on <Date>’ tag so you can check each day and ensure the communication gets sent on the correct date.

SMS Opt-out tag: *Coming Soon* Gain visibility into opted-out guests with a system tag and encourage opt-in during their next visit, while saving texting costs. *A system generated SMS opt out tag is automatically created and will be associated with conversations of all guests who have opted out of SMS communication.


Nobody knows your business better than you do, and with ezConnect Tags feature, you have the power to create custom tags that make sense for your salon or spa. Add tags to highlight urgent follow-ups, personalize conversations and improve response times, and effectively streamline how your front desk prioritizes guest conversations. Ready to start adding tags today? Find out how here.

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