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How omnichannel messaging is key to your wellness business success in 2023

Level up your communication game with ezConnect omnichannel messaging

It's time to make omnichannel messaging part of your communication strategy.

How many times have you found the same guest texting you from multiple social media channels? We’re guessing it’s a lot. As of 2022, there’s 4.55 billion active social media users, and according to studies, 63% of customers expect businesses to offer customer service through their social media platforms, showing just how important it is for your salon to be ready to respond from all channels. A guest could make an inquiry via SMS, book an appointment over WhatsApp, and then reach out to your business 4 days later via Facebook Messenger with follow-up questions – and they will expect a seamless and consistent guest experience every time. So, your business needs to be ready – and that’s where omnichannel messaging comes in.

How can omnichannel messaging help my business?

Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to a 33% customer retention rate for those with weak omnichannel strategies – and here’s why. While it might be easy for your guest to keep track of their conversation with your business across various platforms, it’s not so easy for your FDO’s who are dealing with numerous guests at once. Here are just some of the problems your staff run into without omnichannel messaging: 1. Context Switching leading to delayed resolutions Switching context multiple times across inboxes not only takes up valuable time for your staff that they could be using for much more meaningful tasks, but it also prolongs the resolution time, leading to a poor guest experience. Unsurprisingly, this time-consuming process of switching across inboxes and between platforms means delayed, and sometimes entirely missed, responses – and with data showing that it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience, it's clear that every interaction counts. 2. Lack of Conversation history Let’s face it, without a holistic view of guest conversations and access to previous message history across channels, FDOs won’t be able to resolve queries fast enough. Without a way to track who the guest is by matching their existing Facebook and Instagram chats automatically, your FDOs are left wasting time trying to pull together older conversations and match different usernames to get the full picture they need. Converse with new leads and create guest profiles instantly within ezConnect. 3. Security and Role Management issues While some platforms tried to solve the above problem with independent shared inboxes, the need to assign page roles, and the hassle of managing these roles when employees leave the organization, further eats into your staff’s precious time.

Introducing ezConnect META integration

ezConnect’s integrations with the world’s most popular messaging apps to communication to the next level.

With ezConnect’s Meta integrations, your staff can have what has been missing - a single pane of glass for all customer chats and interactions, with a seamless integration with Zenoti. Together, the Meta family of apps - which includes the Facebook App, Instagram, the Messenger by Meta, and WhatsApp - has over 7 billion active users per month, with the latest official numbers showing around 2.3 billion users use one of these apps every single day.

What are the benefits for your business?

Let’s think about your staff.

Your employee Lynne owns and manages your salon’s Facebook page and handles queries from time to time. She uses Facebook Business Inbox but finds it difficult to juggle this and ezConnect simultaneously. Lynne notices a lot of Facebook queries go unresolved while the team are busy assisting guests in other channels as they were too late to respond (due to Facebook’s 24-hour response window). Lynne discovers the Facebook Messenger channel in ezConnect and sets it up to streamline conversations coming in from Messenger. Now, Lynne can manage Facebook conversations without needing to access the business Facebook page, and ezConnect will send notifications when messages come through, meaning Lynne can respond instantly and say goodbye to delayed or missed responses, and hello to happy, satisfied guests! With ezConnect, when an existing guest messages your salon, Lynne can view the entire conversation history across multiple channels in one screen, and when a new guest reaches out, she can quickly set up a new profile in Zenoti without switching platforms - saving her a lot of time and giving your guests faster responses.

Find all customer chats and interactions inside ezConnect and say goodbye to delayed responses.

With ezConnect’s META integration, your staff and guests can benefit from:

· Easy guest profile creation: Converse with new leads and create guest profiles instantly within ezConnect.

· Intelligent matching: Match existing guests' Facebook and Instagram chats automatically based on name, email, or phone number.

· Single view of all text conversations: Whether a guest contacts you via SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook, see all conversations in one place.

· Unified guest profile view: ezConnect integrates with the Zenoti system to give you a unified view of a guest’s profile, including complete visibility into insights like past appointments, chat history and membership information.

· Quicker response times: No more hassle of switching between the apps. Locate guest details and all conversation history without leaving ezConnect.

· Multi-center support: Streamline communication across your centers by connecting their respective Facebook and Instagram pages.

· Effortless access: Front desk staff can use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram without accessing the pages.


Social media usage will only continue to grow in 2023, if you want to stand out to your guests, omnichannel messaging should be part of your strategy – and ezConnect’s integrations with the world’s most popular messaging apps is the key to taking your wellness business's communication to the next level.

To find out more about ezConnect’s META integrations, contact

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